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10 Important Things To Remember!

Updated: May 17, 2022

These are some lessons in life that I've learned and I try to adhere to in my day to day life. Girl ! keep in mind I am NOT perfect but these are little lessons I believe everyone should have in the back of there minds going forward.

  1. You're Not the only one going through something.

  • It somehow seems that where ever you go or whoever you meet; you would perhaps find that someone somehow is dealing or struggling with something. Whether it be from a mental illness, life circumstance, or a traumatic event. For me, whenever I'm going through something or when I'm overthinking I tend to block out the world. Yes I know its a terrible habit but just wait... my point is coming. What I am trying to say is that its okay to go through what your going through just don't make it your sole mission to try to shoulder all that extra baggage on your own. Be willing to accept help, Ask for help, or speak to someone. Remember no MAN or Woman is an island; so stop treating yourself like one. Lastly, just be Humble. When you walk with a certain level of humility, I honestly feel like people respect you more. Just Let go of the Hurt and the Pain. Be Free!

2. Never take yourself too seriously

  • I often tend to do this a lot but most times whenever I'm not in a funk or crying in my pillow; You can catch me with the biggest smile ever. Smiling and Laughing are so so important, not simply because you use more muscles in your face when you frown but simply because laughing or smiling is great for the spirit. When we're sulking around or kicking ourselves because we didn't meet a certain deadline.... what we're really saying to ourselves is that ' we aren't good enough'; Which is the farthest thing from the truth. It's important to not put these high expectations on ourselves because we deserve to BE Happy and to not feel pressure to try and fit into some sort of mold. In my opinion I believe that each and every human being's single goal is to create a life that they love and to love the life that they live. "Be That Easy" - Sade

3. Stop trying to be perfect

I hope you guys know that Sade song "Be That Easy", if not I highly suggest you give it a listen. Its a lullaby that honestly just puts you in the zone and I think y'all would really appreciate it. Just like the song, I want you guys to just "Be Still". Go with the flow, stay in your lane. Remember this is not a Race. No one is in your lane but you! your only competition is yourself!

4. Know Yourself

  • Knowing yourself is so important. Its in fact so so crucial; because just by knowing yourself, you are able to notice red flags with ease. When you know yourself... you become a person who is not easily swayed. You have a leveled head and this causes you to move through life with discernment. Remember a person who knows themselves understands themselves and their power. Its a very God-like feeling to actually be one with yourself . This allows you to know what exactly you stand for and what you will and won't accept.

5. Have and Set Healthy Boundaries

  • I think by now we all know that having healthy boundaries are the key. Having healthy boundaries will make your life a heck of a lot easier. Proverb 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts because everything we do flows from it. Even in the Bible; God is telling us to have solid boundaries.

6. You are and will always be your biggest FAN !

  • To put it simply your a BADASS !

7. Ignore the Hate , Focus on the LOVE!

  • This I don't have to explain to you guys; because hating another and focusing on hate just drains us of the energy that we need to feel good. Instead focus on all the good things happening inside of you and around you. Be grateful for the little things and bigger things will follow!

8. Perfect Your Craft

  • Having special interests is what makes every individual unique; this is what sets us apart. for example writing was always special to me. I loved writing poems when I was younger and I also liked writing them. Along the way I kind of lost my 'voice' in a way. I just didn't find pleasure in it the way that I used to. Every now and again I would start writing and let me tell you ..... it's as though I never stopped. I've never been much of a speaker ask anyone but writing for me was and is an escape. The stories, ideas, and poems you can create just by putting pen to paper is just *breathtaking! I urge you to find a hobby or skill that you are passionate about and let that be your escape. You are capable of creating magnificent things and its all within the palm of your hand. Don't Dim Your Light !

9. Get out the House

  • At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite; I've got to tell y'all to get out the house and see the world or at the very least try meeting a new friend. I promise you you'll thank me later. Enough of that 'I'm anti-social, I'm an introvert' mumbo jumbo. I know what you guys are thinking; your probably scared of trying or investing your all into a new friendship, relationship, or situation because you have scars from the past that won't heal. What if I told you that you're definitely overthinking everything. I know it's true because I've been there. listen guys we're not going to see the best that the world has to offer from our living rooms or our bedrooms. Its time to EXPERIENCE LIFE!

10. Be YOU .... Unapologetically !

  • Basically I saved the best for last .... and that is to just BE YOURSELF ! GOD created each and everyone of us with our own personalities, skills, talents and mind. it would be such a shame to let those gifts go to waste. God knows I've spent too long worried about what the next person thinks; so much so that I forgot to just be me.

I hope you guys liked what I had to say and I hope that you are able to relate to even one of these lessons. Definitely don't forget to leave a comment on the site and tell me what you think! Peace and love.

From yours truly

- Shaday The Light

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