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I Hope Love Finds You Today! #HappyVDAy

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying today and if you aren't I really hope that it gets better. Let me know what you all have planned in the comments below? are you going out on the weekend? do you have a hot date with your favorite binge worthy show? or are you doing Gal-entines with the girls this year? let me know what's your plans!

A lot of people aren't really big fans of valentines day; this was definitely me for a few years lol. Until i realized I didn't need to have that "special someone" to make my feel whole.

What is Valentines Day About?

Valentine's Day to my heart is about showing people in your life that you truly care about them, its about acknowledging the love that exists deep within you and extending that very same love to other people; people who may need some additional love for themselves.

Single on Valentines Day?

I believe that for most of valentine's day hasn't really lost its meaning so to speak; but for many of us who are single, depressed, or perhaps feeling a little lonely..... girl or guy its going to be okay. I promise you you don't need a significant other to feel whole on V-day I promise you! Why don't you try doing something special for your family/friends, take yourself out when you get the chance, learn about you! life is too short to spend it wanting or yearning for what you "don't have"!


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