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If Consistency Were The Name of The Game...

If consistency were the name of the game then Procrastination would be the evil cousin..*Inserts Gif*

No, really I'm so exhausted; exhaustion is not even the word. Although I always complain about being tired, I feel like an MVP because I feel like although I managed to get through the really long days/weeks and still find time to Take care of myself; I do on the other hand. Honestly, I can't say this enough because self-care is truly the goat!

I'm learning that no matter where you go, where you're working presently, and where your mind is..... it's always a good thing to take time for yourself!

Never let anyone ever make you feel like taking time for yourself is a bad thing.

Okay, back to the post!

So, I've been struggling a lot with consistency and feeling motivated for some time now. Procrastination is such a killer of dreams. If you understand where I'm going with this then you know. There's been plenty of times I've procrastinated on an endeavor out of fear of not being good enough or perhaps mainly being too scared to take that leap of faith.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What's holding you back? - We're the ones who tend to hold ourselves back from the things that we want for ourselves as well as want to accomplish. Ask yourself this question when you're feeling stuck.

  2. Who Is your competition? if you ask yourself this question and you say other people.... then you need to go back to the drawing board. Nobody is in your lane but you. You need to understand this. it took me a really long time to get this; especially when I was dealing with my depression and anxiety.

  3. Am I being kind to myself and giving myself grace? - Ask yourself this when you feel that you're being too hard on yourself. This world is cold enough as it is, you don't need to redirect that energy inward. first, off it's exhausting and draining, and thirdly toxicity is not cute either! SO BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

As we start a new month... I pray that we all work to become the best versions of ourselves. I pray that procrastination doesn't get in the way and that we make plans and follow through with them. I pray that we wake up every day with a healthy state of mind. I pray that our mental health is in check and we are able to tackle each day that the lord has made! -Amen

I want whoever reads this to come back to this post when the month is over and share your ups and downs on how your month went. Consistency will come but discipline has to be the foundation!

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