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It Ends with Us Book Review

Hey Lights,

I thought I'd do a review about this gem that was first introduced to me via YouTube and TikTok. It ends with us in a class all on its own. This book actually made me feel so many different emotions at once and that's saying a lot. this was the first book in a while where I couldn't put it down; basically, even if you're not a reader and you barely pick up books... I guarantee you that you will love this book.

I found myself loving and rooting for the characters even though I knew based on the title of the book that the romance was doomed from the start.

Lily our leading lady who we first meet, is a botanist/soon-to-be flower shop owner. We first learn about her back story with her parents' abusive relationship. She's assured that she never wants to be 'that woman' who makes the mistake of staying in said relationship. We also learn about her relationship with her first love Atlas Corrigan. I have to admit, that even though I wasn't a fan of Atlas mainly because I thought what's the point but honestly Atlas grew on me especially when I read the second book " It Starts with Us".

Atlas reminded me of the love that we all had before, the love that we had to give up for many reasons; Atlas also reminds me of a kind of once-in-a-lifetime type of love.

Then we meet the man of the hour, Mr. Ryle Kincaid. I freaking love Ryle and I have to say I still do. I believe that even though he royally screwed up and fumbled the ball with Lily; he's still a human being. Which made me so mad because I was rooting for Lily and Ryle so Hard. You guys are just going to have to read and see what I mean. By the way, whoever read the book and knows what I'm talking about, you all definitely know what I mean when I say that Ryle messed up big time. However, I do wish more of Ryle's past was told in the book, just so we could have more clarification on why he is the way that he is. Ryle for me was that classic beau that you just root for when you read a romance; come he was a neurosurgeon with a smart mouth; if that's not hot then I don't know what is.

I loved Alyssa and Marshall. Alyssa is Lily's best friend and Marshall is her husband. Again, I loved them through and through. Their relationship was the comedic relief that the book needed. I really liked Alyssa and Lily's friendship/sisterhood. You'd expect that their friendship wouldn't work because Alyssa is Ryle's sister; however, this is why I feel that Lily and Alyssa's friendship worked. it was that ideal friendship dynamic that you just root for. I love that Alyssa had Lily's back on several occasions even though she's Ryle's sister. it definitely showed a lot of maturity and love between the two women.

For me, I would rate 'It Ends With Us', 4.5/5 stars. this book I would really recommend to a friend mainly because it was an easy read and reading this book actually reignited my love for reading. If you've read this book please let me know how you liked the book and let me know your thoughts on the book overall. if you haven't read the book I hope you check it and come back and share your thought with me!


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