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Looking Forward To This New Season! #2023

Good Morning and Happy #2023

How'd you spend your New Year? please share with me in the comments, I'd love to know!

I spent my New Year's Eve in church celebrating with the lord and watching my cousin get baptized. I tell you I've been going to church a lot more and allowing myself to be more present and asking God for help, especially when I'm feeling low.

This New Year, I want to meet my Best Self. Not my Perfect Self but my Best Self!

I feel like, over the years, I've let myself not be able to enjoy the things I used to love doing. it's almost like I've allowed myself to treat those things almost like chores and not as hobbies. take writing, for example, I used to love it! I remember I used to love sitting down to write my poetry and once my pen hit that page... I couldn't stop! I feel like a big part of that is being more intentional and not treating what you love as WORK! things that we genuinely love shouldn't be treated with disregard! There is a sense of freedom that overcomes you when you do anything you are passionate about!

A big part of becoming my best self is letting go and allowing myself to just BE ! Allowing the right people to be a part of my life.... people who truly Value me and vice versa.

I want to proclaim Abundance in the Year 2023.

2023 will be filled with Love, Happiness/Laughter, Wealth/Prosperity, and most importantly Positivity.

We won't be distracted

We will get what we need to get done and stop procrastination

in its tracks!

We will work through trauma and hurt.

We will heal finally; Allowing God to put his hand on All of US!

We will be smart with our money and monopolize every dollar EARNED!


We are all God's children and we thrive in abundance!

Thanks for reading this post and I really appreciate it. I hope for many of you including myself, this New Year is filled with so much warmth and love, like a Hot Venti Matcha Latte!

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