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My Nursing Journey .... How its going ?

Hey Guys!

My name is Shaday and I am a Certified Medical Assistant; I've been working as a CMA for approximately 2-3 years now. which is absolutely crazy to me because I still remember going to my medical assistant program, eager to finally get into those big hospital doors. Even though Medical Assisting is classified as an entry-level career, I didn't care, I looked at this path that I embarked on as a stepping stone. Ever since I was a little girl I had an urge to help people but for some reason, I felt stuck because I couldn't figure out my place or my purpose in this world. quite frankly I just felt stuck, I was extremely shy, timid, and overall afraid of social situations. Initially, when I started my college education my major was Nursing; but then I switched my major to communications because I thought that at the time becoming a speech pathologist and helping school-aged children with their speech would be something I would be good at.

Why'd I thrown in the towel so easily?

I thought that profession would have suited me better but later down the line I realized that speech pathology or becoming a speech pathologist wasn't something I was passionate about. one of my key points or excuses for switching was because I said to myself: "I wasn't smart enough", "Nursing is too hard", and the awful one "I could never be a good Nurse". As you can see I severely had a lack of confidence, not only in myself but confidence in my skills and capabilities.

So, What exactly Changed?

The only thing I can think of is that the change or Growth did not happen overnight! There was a lot of trial and error and debt involved! I really had to sit with myself and ask myself the hard questions. I had to understand my WHY? before all of that, some growth had to take place in the form of becoming more self-aware and building up my maturity level. I had to see my own value first and what I could bring to the table. I had to envision myself putting my best foot forward. 2-3 years ago I had no steady income and my finances were shaky; I was in debt from my initial college experience and credit card bills but now things are looking up. even though I lost a family member I still remain grateful and humble. I know exactly where I came from and I know where I am going and I can proudly say that I am not the same Shaday from 2-3 years let alone 5-10 years ago. I am older, wiser, and a hell of a lot more confident in my capabilities.

Where am I right now in my Nursing Journey?

Right now, I am finishing up my final core science classes; and my fingers are crossed that within another year or two, I will be taking my HESI in order to get into nursing school. I'm not going to lie it's challenging but I expected it. Having a full-time job and going to school, it's definitely going to be rough but NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

- This is Me by the way... So many of you could put a face to the name!

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