New Month , New Goals , & Fresh Starts #Aug2022

Good Morning Family,

It's a brand new month and I'm feeling the "feels" lol you were probably rolling your eyes reading that. it's okay never mind. I came to the conclusion that I have every right to Be MYSELF! you know why.... because it is in fact my God given right!

The New school year is quickly approaching and I am feeling very nervous and excited. I think what has me the most nervous is retaking Anatomy & Physiology; I believe I touched on the fact that I failed the class when I first took it. I'm not upset, but rather I'm just a little fearful of my ability to not do well and to perform my best.

If your anything like me, then you understand me when I say that I am a compulsive worrier. I worry about everything and anything; I would say that I don't do it purposefully but its as if I don't know I'm doing it. Which brings me to:

  • My 1st Goal: Stop The Worrying

- my goal for this month is to stop the obsessive and compulsive worrying and instead of that I'll just give all of that anxiety and worry to God. My plan is to just pray more and have more faith. A lot of us say we have faith but then do the opposite. What I am coming to understand is that you can't be anxious, depressed, or worried and then have absolute faith in something. It doesn't work that way and it never will. you have to believe with your whole heart that things will be okay; may be not in the present moment... but deep down you will just know that everything will come to pass. This is what it means to have Perfect Faith!

My 2nd Goal: Work on My Consistency

  • My second goal for the month of august is to be consistent and intentional with the things that I really want to accomplish. This is something I have been struggling with for sometime now; I've never been this kind of person to struggle with consistency and being self motivated. For the month of August I really want to get back to that.

My Third Goal: Try to stick to Healthy Lifestyle

  • I definitely fell off in this area, but my plan is to not be too hard on myself . For example, when I am the most hardest on myself I tend to be really self critical; which causes a domino effect. Thus making it 10 times more difficult for me to even want to complete my tasks or goals that I set for myself. Another part of this next goal that I have for myself is staying out of my head and stepping into my heart. Why? When we stay out of own heads and do everything with love ... that's when we truly win !

Thank you for reading this short post and I wish anyone reading this a fabulous and productive month! Lets Crush those goals and become the absolute BEST version of ourselves!

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