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May 22, 2023
In Wellness Forum
Hey Lights! i haven't been doing well the past few days. I have to to admit anxiety for me is so annoying because up until this point i've been perfectly fine. I 've been able to truly feel at peace with the exception of my eating habits but thats a different story for another post lol. Anyway, back to the topic of anxiety.... it's this annoying pestulent little thing that always arises and wreaks havoc on our days. it usually comes when we least expect it and stays for days, months, and even years. Anxiety is this never ending roller coaster that is severly debilitating. I know that many people cope with anxiety differently but here are some tips that help me to cope with my anxiety and depression. Breathwork - This may sound silly but most people if not all do not know how to breath properly and this is what i'm finding; especially with my own journey. Breathwork has helped me greatly because it's given me the ability to slow down and conciously focus on my breaths. it also helps me because i'm able to fully regain control of myself physically. Reading - Reading is an escape for me basically.... i'm able to forget my worries and get lost into a whole other story. if your not a reader then I suggest, Mangas, poetry, novellas, or even short stories. Plus, reading is amazing for the vocabulary. Listen to something Motivational - whenever I feel anxious I like to listen to something motivational, mostly in the form of sermon's , prayers, and or motivational guru's. I REALLY REALLY LOVE Breeny Lee, she's on Youtube and I definitely reccommend that you follow and watch her content. I've been following for years now... I honestly forgot how many.... but its since her Soul Surgery Series that she made on youtube. So definitely check that out. Writing- When you get a chance... just start writing. it could honestly be about anything. you'll find that you have so much to say and your words will just flow. Watch Your Favorite Show or Movie - If you were to ask me what my favorite show or movie was I honestly couldn't tell you because there's just so many and I'm hella indecisive and I just can't do change lol. However, I do find myself gravitating to soap opera's , sitcoms, old 2000's shows like The OC , One tree hill, etc. Talk to someone - No man is an Island and you shouldn't feel like one. So just talk to someone... anyone. Remember all it takes is just one genuine person to confide in. Watch a Comedy - Sometimes laughter is the best medicine... I'm sorry if that was corny but it's true laughing and having joy is truly the best medicine we need when we're struggling with something. Spend time in the Sun - This is something I've recently started doing and it's soaking up the sun and just breathing fresher air.
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