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Dearest Black Girl #1 - The World is Your Oyster

Dearest Black Girl,

Today you woke up feeling strengthened, today you woke up feeling as if the weight of the world wasn't on your shoulders. you're a strong person for even feeling like you can carry that kind of burden let alone bear the full brunt of that burden.

Let this be a reminder that you don't have to shoulder these important things all by yourself. I know that you're incredibly self-sufficient and you don't like asking for help; but I promise you that it is okay to ask for help and it is okay to let people be there for you and vice versa. you won't be a crutch and you won't feel like one. It is okay to be vulnerable, that is where your strength lies.

*When was the last time you were vulnerable?

I know that for many of us, our self-sufficiency and our usefulness were ingrained in us from an early age. for many of us we were taught that our usefulness directly aligned with our self-worth. this is complete bogus thinking and completely further from the truth. I have felt that this idea not only leads us into creating a false sense of self, as well as further reinforcing the notion that we aren't good enough when we are simply lax and we aren't being pulled in multiple directions. I have found out that self -worth has no direct correlation with our ability to get things done or checking tasks off a to do list. your self-worth is a mirror of God's overwhelming love for you.

in no way shape or form I am telling you to break down every single wall you've ever built, but in some ways I am telling you that it is okay to relax and breathe. It is also okay to ground yourself enough to where you are not shouldering the burden of what seems like the entire world is against you. You do not have to worry about anything or shoulder any burden. You were designed by God and he is the only one who can shoulder any burden or any obstacle that you find is working against you; that in itself is AMAZING! Your main job is to simply pray and and to remain faithful in his word and your own word.

Vulnerability is hard at first but it can still be very feasible. We only believe vulnerability to be hard because either we probably were once vulnerable before and somehow certain events took place in our lives that caused us to become hard and less open to love and all its possibilities. Please don't make such a mistake. I stated earlier on in the post, that your vulnerability is your biggest strength. Being able to give yourself grace and open yourself up, showing the true authentic version of yourself is something very special. Vulnerability is your light and your authenticity is what radiates that light. In a world now that's dominated and bombarded with 'trends and aesthetics', I want you to see that you are more than that. Look deep within yourself and become the person that God made you to be.

My grandmother used to say to always take pride in yourself; now at first I really didn't understand what she meant. Eventually, I grew to realize that what she really meant was... in everything you do, be proud in all of your accomplishments big or small. of course like attracts like but always remember light also attracts light. Never Beg, Never diminish, and Never Hide. You are worthy of Love and this life is your's for the taking!


from one Black Queen to the Next !

" His Word Guides Me and Protects Me, Trust involves Steps "

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