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Don't forget to Take That Shot !

Happy Monday Day Everyone,

Haven't spoken to you all in a while, that was my fault.... so I do apologize. February for me was such a busy hectic month, I literally felt as though I was being pulled into different directions. even when I tried to do things that I wanted to do I felt like there was barely enough time but honestly this month I really want to make time. I really wanted to write something today and what was on my heart was the fact that many of us including myself are actually quite hesitant. we often times hesitate for multiple different reasons with the top one being fear.

Why do we Hesitate?

hesitating about an action is caused or stems from a sort of fear deep within us. sometimes we hesitate because we don't have the answers, some of us hesitate out of fear, anxiousness, etc. but many of us just hesitate because we tend to overthink everything. what if I told you that we don't have to hesitate about everything? honestly just take a chance! it doesn't matter if you screw up or make a mockery of yourself. what matters most is that you actually tried. instead of saying you failed, just say it didn't work out! the lesson in that is: everything is not a competition and you aren't perfect so stop trying to be!

What's really holding you back?

to fully understand and grasp why you hesitate with certain things, you have to really sit with yourself and ask yourself the important question: "What is stopping you?" it's so important to identify the obstacles in our path and to identify the fears within us that are stopping us from achieving the thing that we really want to accomplish.

Why is fear so powerful?

We have to understand that fear is powerful because we give it power. fear is a quite harmless emotion. I believe that anyone can conquer fear. In a way, fear is ruled by the lack of belief in one's self. hence fear come from a place of lack. for example, let's say your family grew up poor and you, yourself grew up not having much. so in turn you grow up and you go through life with this notion and negative mindset when it comes to money. this is what I'm saying, fear is not real; it's only real because we make them feel real. if you believe in yourself and your power then you can conquer anything. you have to understand that your mind first and foremost is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. You cannot lose with a strong mind; so focus on strengthening your mind and body first.

5 Things To Do to Build Yourself Up

  1. Pray & Seek God

  2. Affirm yourself regularly

  3. Journal Consistently

  4. Give Yourself Grace & Compassion

  5. Understanding your negative emotions + Calling them out

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