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Magnolia Parks Book Review

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I never expected to love a book the way I love this book. I'd find myself scrolling Tiktok, YT, & Instagram fan-casting about this book and its characters. Jessa Hastings has truly outdone herself with the Magnolia Parks Universe. I haven't read all the books yet but I have them lol. That's how invested I am in her writing. I never expected to truly the characters in this book, mainly because it's been a while since I've delved into a series I want to say: Twilight!?!

Everyone keeps saying that this series definitely showcases toxicity and I mean a lot of it but hey I don't care because I'm here for it. As long as there's no toxicity in my life then I don't mind reading about it.

Magnolia Parks follows the life's of a rich group of friends: socialites. By far they are way more intriguing and exciting than the average joe. Most of the time I was left scratching my head at these characters' thought process but at the same time I was left in awe of them. For example what these characters were getting a way with... I couldn't even getting away with. Then again I don't have a boat load of money, so there goes that.

BJ & Magnolia

Jessa Hastings the author of the book and the series states that ; this book is not a love story but I along with so many people reading this book could not help to ship the toxic mess of a couple that is Magnolia Parks and Bj Ballentine. This couple will leave you swooning, feeling on edge, pulling your hair out, yelling at a book and then swooning again.

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