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Keep Looking Up... You're So Necessary!

Hey Lights!

This past week has been difficult for me; mainly because I've been really struggling a lot with some personal issues. I found it really surprising because I haven't been that depressed in a long time. Honestly, I detest feeling like that because it's so draining!

Talk about a vibe killer.....

Whenever I feel that way I tend to isolate myself; I know that is not the healthiest way to cope but I feel that's how I personally deal with my stress. this time around I was proud of myself because I didn't lock myself up in my room; I actually did; but I did other things even when I didn't feel like it. It's so important to do things for you especially when you're in a rut. I'm starting to learn that tapping into our feminine energy is so beneficial to our physical, mental, and emotional health!

How Can I Help Myself Even When I Don't Feel Like It?

  1. Take Yourself Out - Dating ourselves is the ultimate sign of self-love; I haven't done this in a while but when I used to I loved it. Mostly because I enjoyed being in my own company, I got to try new things and I didn't need anyone else's permission to even try something new!

  2. Read a good book - I recently got back into reading, and there's something about getting lost in a really good book that just temporarily puts all your troubles on pause!

  3. Get a Mani / Pedi - Pampering ourselves is a must... its something that I've always needed to incorporate into my routine! even if it's a face mask once a week or painting your own nails. There's nothing wrong with putting that extra effort into yourself!

  4. Journal - I've always been a fan of journaling and writing my thoughts down on paper. if you're like me and you struggle with finding the right words then journaling will definitely be for you!

  5. Pray / Meditate - there's nothing like talking to God and leaning in on him especially when you are struggling. I have to admit this is something I struggle with because like I said before, I tend to struggle with finding the right words. even though I struggle, praying isn't my strong suit... I still pray! I've learned that there's no perfect prayer! Praying is simply a conversation between you and God! As a woman, we possess the ability to lean closer to God. When I pray I simply just say what's on my heart and I try my best genuine and direct about what I am feeling. God knows exactly how we are feeling, don't sugarcoat anything!

  6. Take a Walk - Go outside and soak in that Vitamin D, we all need it, and it's so important for our mental clarity.

  7. Talk to Someone - talking to anyone can be quite beneficial, especially when we are under stress.

I Hope You've found these 7 tips helpful when you're feeling blue; I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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